Transfer to Siófok

We are planning to launch an organised transportation from Budapest Ferihegy Airport to Siófok on 17 September 2017, and back from the hotel to the airport after the event on 22 September 2017. The cost of the transfer is 45 EUR, and you can apply for it in our online database (“Optional programs” menu). Please note, that for completing your order it is mandatory to store your travel details at the same database (“Travel information” menu).

Departure times from Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport:

16 September 2017
– 17:15

17 September 2017
– 11:30
– 13:45
– 16:15
– 17:15
– 18:30
– 20:15

18 September 2017
9:00 (from city center)
– 10:15
– 15:15

Departure times from Hotel Azúr Siófok to Budapest:

21 September 2017
– 22:00 to downtown

22 September 2017
– 6:00 to Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport
– 8:15 to Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport
– 10:00 to Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport
– 10:00 to downtown

General information

Seat reservations are handled on advanced registration in our online system. Reservations that are not pre-paid will not be considered. We would like to call your kind attention that in case of significant time delay of flights, the bus will not be able to wait for all delegates, so please consider your flight arrival and bus departure accordingly. In case you miss your assigned transfer please let us know immediately by email and if there is a change we try to ensure a place for you on one of our buses which departs lates. Please note that paid transfer charges are not refundable.


Please log in with your email address and password and go to the “Financial summary” on the left-hand side menu. First, make sure your orders correctly stated then create a proforma invoice. Items to be paid are included in the proforma invoice. After creating the proforma you can settle your dues in the “My payments” menu by clicking the bank card logo. Advanced payment is required to secure your place on the assigned minibus. Passengers will be received by the drivers showing a name tag with ICLGG logo at the arrival zone of the terminal.


The orders you have made are considered final by the organisers. Cancellation of pre-ordered transfer requests is possible within 48 hours from the receipt of the confirmation email.


Further information on the exact scheduling of these shuttles will be sent by e-mail to the applicants later. If you are interested, please apply for the shuttle not later than 28 August 2017.

The minimum count of attendees for a shuttle is 3 persons, under it we cannot provide the service for the above price